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Leadership and Sructure

The Leadership is responsible for strategic decision-making on programmes, faculty, reputation and relationships, space and money. This Board is also responsible for academic operational decision-making where either the Director seeks their advice.

The Board is subject to the Governing Body, the main decision-making body of the Institute. The Board implements and reviews human resources policies for academic staff and conducts periodic reviews of subject areas and research centres, teaching programmes and so on. Executive Committee is responsible for ensuring strategic decisions are implemented. This includes overseeing new and existing programmes, faculty recruitment and retention, teaching quality, research activities, student and participant satisfaction and rankings, ensuring the commercial viability of the institute and optimising its resources.

Executive Committee is also responsible for a number of areas of non-academic decision-making where either department heads or other School committees seek their advice.

B.P.H.E. Society’s IMSCD&R, Ahmednagar Institutional Committees (Academic Year 2016 – 17)

  1. Internal Quality Assurance Cell
    This committee is the apex academic committee to which all the other committees are required to report. The Internal Quality Assurance Cell is responsible for:
    • Quality Assessment and Accreditation Related Work
    • Quality Initiatives
    • Quality Sustenance and Audit
    • Quality Enhancement
    • Provide guidance and support to all departments/sections/committees.
  2. Research

    Research Institute is a recognized Post Graduate Research Centre under Faculty of Management of Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU). Dr. M.B. Mehta (Director) is the Head of the Research Centre. The Committee handles following responsibilities.

    1. Look after Ph. D Research Centre related activities like approval, admissions, guidance, course work, review of progress, viva etc.
    2. Help in organizing research seminars / workshops / conferences for faculty members
    3. Encourage faculty members and students to do research projects and publish / present research papers.
    4. Guide and help faculty members and students in getting research related support from BCUD, SPPU.
    5. Publish and distribute research journal of the Institute – Indian Journal of Current Trends in Management Sciences’.
  3. Industry-Institute Interface Committee Industry Institute Interface Committee does the following:
    • Maintain close relationship between Institute and Industry
    • Obtain feedback from Industry regarding current requirements and expectations from management students and in turn help improve curriculum and value addition programme.
    • Seek support of the Industry in organizing various co-curricular, extra-curricular, extension, research, consultancy and entrepreneurship development activities.
    • Seek support of the Industry in placement activities.
  4. Alumni
    • Organise ‘Alumni Meet’.
    • Conduct alumni meetings on regular basis.
    • Publication of the ‘Alumni Newsletter’.
    • Support for publication of ‘Prayas: A Students’ Research Publication’.
    • Support in organizing various activities for the benefit of students.
    • Support in research and placement.
    • Maintain database of alumni and updates it on regular basis.
    • Look after Alumni Fund Management.
    • Obtain feedback from the alumni.
  5. Parent Teacher Association
    • Maintain close relationship with parents.
    • Organise Meetings of PTA.
    • Organise Parents Meet.
    • Obtain feedback from parents.
  6. MDP and Consultancy
    • Organise Management Development Programmes for the benefit of Industry
    • Organise Training Programmes for the benefit of various organisations.
    • Provide consultancy services to Industry and other organisations.
  7. Entrepreneurship Development Centre

    Entrepreneurship Development Centre (SEED-C)

    • Promote entrepreneurial culture amongst students.
    • Organise Entrepreneurship Development Programmes for Prospective and Existing Entrepreneurs.
    • Organise FDP for ED faculty members.
    • Maintain close relation with Entrepreneurship Development Agencies like DIC, MCED, EDII etc.
  8. Promotion and Admission
    • ) Promotion of the Institute for attracting students for admissions to all courses including both University level as well as Institute level courses.
    • ) Brand Building of the Institute.
    • Organise ‘Career Guidance Seminars’ for prospective students.
    • Participate in the ‘Educational Exhibitions’.
    • Advertisement and publicity of the Institute
    • Publication of promotional material like Banner, Poster, Handbill, Information Brochure, CD etc.
    • Provide counselling support to the enquiries.
    • Follow the guidelines of Statutory Bodies regarding admissions.
    • Look after admission of University level as well as Institute level courses.
  9. Purchase
    • Look after all the purchases of the Institute.
    • Call for quotations from suppliers, make comparisons and place final order.
  10. Finance
    • Prepare Annual Budget of the Institute.
    • Monitor financial performance of the Institute.
    • To advice the accounts section regarding management of funds.
  11. Library
    • To scrutinize the requirements of books, journals etc. received from various departments, sections and stakeholders.
    • To extend support in preparation of the annual budget of the library.
    • To monitor the functioning of the library.
    • To advise the library regarding the quality improvement.
  12. Hostel & Mess

    Hostel and Mess Committee, Gents Hostel & Ladies Hostel, (Common)

    • Look after hostel infrastructure and support services.
    • Look after mess facility to students.
    • Look after hostel admissions.
    • Address issues of students regarding hostel and mess facility.
  13. Vidyarthini Manch
    • Personality development of girls.
    • Build self-confidence amongst girls.
    • Impart health education; Build self-esteem, psychological and physical awareness among girls.
    • Develop girl’s attitude for Gender-Equity.
    • Motivate students for self-employment.
    • Prevent atrocity and sexual harassment of girl students.
  14. Website Maintenance
    • Maintenance and up-gradation of the Institute’s website.
  15. Students Council

    Students Council Cultural Activities, Sports Activities, Extension Activities, (including N.S.S. Scheme)

    • Implement various schemes of Students Welfare Board, Savitribai Phule Pune University, e.g. Earn & Learn Scheme, Scholarship for Girls etc.
    • Organize co-curricular activities.
    • Organize extra-curricular activities.
    • Organise extension activities..
    • Encourage and guide students to participate in various competitions.
    • Address issues of students.
  16. Placement

    Students Council Cultural Activities, Sports Activities, Extension Activities, (including N.S.S. Scheme)

    • Train and groom the students to increase their employability by providing guidance to them regarding career opportunities, preparation of resume, aptitude tests, group discussions and interviews.
    • Publish ‘Placement Brochures’ and distribute it to various industries.
    • Identify recruiters and arrange campus recruitment. The cell also looks after interviews conducted at company premises or at other Institutes.
    • Maintain liaison between the students and the industries.
    • Build good relationship with reputed industries.
    • Maintain good relationship with alumni.
    • Obtains feedback from alumni, employers/industries.
  17. Magazine
    • Publish and circulate Magazine of the Institute – ‘Reflections’.
  18. Newsletter
    • Publish and circulate Newsletter of the Institute.
  19. Public Relations
    • Ensure publicity of the activities and achievements of the Institute.
    • Prepare news of activities and achievements of the Institute & circulate it to media especially print media.
    • Keep the record of the media coverage (especially print media) of the activities and achievements of the Institute.
    • Update the activities and achievements of the Institute on the Website
    • Discipline, Redressal, Anti-Ragging and Prevention of Sexual Harassment & Violence Against Women
      • Maintain the discipline in the Institute
      • Address the grievances of the employees and students
      • Address the issues regarding sexual harassment of women staff.
      • Create awareness amongst students regarding Anti Ragging Policy.
      • Organizes surprise visit to /various sections in this respect for checking ragging related incidences.
      • Handle any issues related to the ragging.
    • B-School Survey Participation
      • Participate in the B-School Survey conducted by various business magazines and independent agencies.
      • Apply for various awards given by independent agencies.
    • Institute Level Courses
      • Co-ordination of various Institute Level Courses and Short term courses (Except IMS-Videocon Academy Courses).
      • Look after MBA/MCA Orientation programmes.
      • Design and launch innovative, need based courses for the benefit of the society.