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The Institute has established ‘Entrepreneurship Development (ED) Centre’ in the year 2013 in collaboration with entrepreneurs from Ahmednagar to promote entrepreneurial culture amongst the school children and college students.

We all know that skill development has now becoming necessary in addition to the academic input so as to improve the employability of the students. Understanding this need of the country we have now undertaken the activity of skill enhancement amongst the students, women and farmers from various villages around Ahmednagar city. We have therefore, renamed the centre as “Skill Enhancement and Entrepreneurship Development Centre (SEEDC)” A separate building for the centre has been constructed. Inauguration of SEEDC building was done on 23 rd july 2016.

The Centre has already taken rapid strides in cultivating entrepreneurial temper, skill development and has succeeded in carving a niche for itself. The Centre has organized a plethora of events and these events have witnessed healthy participation from teacher’s of various schools, colleges and institutions, NGO’s, existing entrepreneurs, school and college students and local communities.

The success of these events has boosted our confidence and we aim to continue rolling the wheel we have set into motion. In pursuance of its goals, the centre has set up both short and long- term objectives.


To enhance the skill and spread the spirit of entrepreneurship through education and training in order to accelerate economic growth by increasing the supply of new skilled and sustaining entrepreneurs.


To Strengthen India as a formidable economic power through rural development

Objectives of SEED-C

  1. To identify various skills required to become employable and self employed.
  2. To create skill base & employable human resource in rural & urban areas of Ahmednagar district.
  3. To act as a resource institution to motivate, guide and help prospective entrepreneurs in their entrepreneurial endeavors/efforts through positive training interventions.
  4. To act as an institutional mechanism for providing various services including consultancy.
  5. To foster better linkages between institution, industry, Government agencies, N.G.O. etc.
  6. To create entrepreneurial culture in institutions, colleges and schools.
  7. To develop key characteristics to become an entrepreneur amongst rural and urban women, school children and youth in Ahmednagar district.
  8. To identify skills for self employment and provide training

After identifying the need of the society for various skill improvements, institute took initiative in conducting various skill enhancement courses.

Courses Conducted Under SEEDC

Spoken English

“From inquiry to understanding”. Our professional teachers and staff will help you attain the fluency you need, be it for professional work or just writing an email, this course is designed to help you in attaining confidence in speaking English. With the ever-changing times, uncertainty is in vogue but one thing remains certain – the need to speak impeccable English. Join this course and be confident to face the world

Flower Making

Beautiful and delicate flowers can be created with a wide range of materials. Paper, stockings, tissues, cloth, and many other materials can be used to make beautiful flowers that can further be combined to create a large colourful bouquet that’ll never droop and will always stay warm and ever beautiful. Join this course to gain this skill and spread happiness in the world.

Soft Toys

Learn the art of creating cute, cuddly soft dolls, stuffed animals, pillows out of common bland things. By doing this course you can manifest any soft toy easily and let your imagination run free! Given the current market conditions these toys are in vogue, gain this skill to make the best of this opportunity. Join this course to gain this skill and brighten up the day of someone.

Paper Bag

In times when the world is full of plastic products that do not degrade and end up polluting the world and creating problems. By the joining this course you’ll learn how to make paper bags quickly and easily. These bags are multi-purpose meaning there’s no limit to the utility of these bags. And once you’re confident enough, go create your own custom special bag! Join this course to gain this skill and make the world a better place.

Lamasa Work

Lamasa is a form of Spanish kitchen artwork that involves the use of dough to decorate ordinary items. Besides decorating, lamasa creations give utility to the items that would have otherwise being thrown away. It is derived from the two Spanish words “La masa” that means “the dough”. The dough is similar to the sugar dough used for icing the cakes. Lamasa craft can be used to create various items such as lamasa flowers, name plates, napkin holders, mobile phone stands, photo frames, baskets, and labels for storage jars. The items can be painted to make them colourful or can be left as it is. They can be hung on the walls, displayed on the center table of the drawing room, or pasted on the article. These simple yet amazing creations give an artistic look to your surroundings. The most amazing aspect of this artwork is that the dough is simply a mixture of plain flour, salt and water kneaded with other ingredients like corn and lemon juice to create aesthetic things. Lamasa art provides ample scope to explore one’s creativity with minimal effort. Join this course to explore your creativity.

Soap Making

The Ultimate Guide to Mastering the Art of Soap Making and Making a Business Out of It. This comprehensive and exciting course has been designed to help you master the art of soap making and make it into a thriving successful business. This thought provoking course will cover the ins and outs of the process of making soap, how to make your own styles and designs using a whole range of different techniques and processes, while also analyzing at length the different components of setting up your handmade soap business. If you’re looking to start a new career using your flair and creativity then this course is definitely for you!

Rakhi Making

Rakhi is a holy thread that is tied on the brother’s wrist by his sister on the day of ‘Raksha Bandan’. Raksha Bandan is an auspicious occasion that symbolizes the unconditional love between a brother and a sister. The holy thread signifies a bond of protection between the two. On this day, the sisters pray for the long life of their brothers and for protecting them from all the evil forces. On the other hand, the brothers vow to protect their sisters throughout their life. You can surprise your bhaiyya on raksha bandhan by making your own colorful handmade rakhees or better yet, let the entrepreneur in you take over and make a business out of it. If you find this idea interesting, then you need to look no further. This course will tell you about the simple rakhee making tips, how to make a traditional rakhi, and the material needed. Join this course to create beautiful Rakhees and let your imagination take over

Basic Computer and Internet

In today’s world where everything and everyone is connected having an understanding and being able to use a computer and access the Internet becomes a necessity. In this course you will be taught how to operate a computer, access the internet, use various applications and get an overview of how to go on about using a computer so that you’re not missing out on the world! Join this course to educate yourself on how to use the computer and explore its potential.

Event Management

Event management is fast catching up as a hot career option owing to the increasing trend in retail and marketing sector. Undoubtedly, this tricky form of advertising and marketing is full of a glamour and thrill. Of late, event management has emerged as one of the hottest career options available to management aspirants. Event management is all about putting in order a professional and focused event, for a particular target audience. It involves visualizing concepts, planning, budgeting, organizing and executing events. Event managers organize events like fashion shows, musical concerts, corporate seminars, exhibitions, wedding celebrations, theme parties, product launching etc. As you gain experience, you can start a PR consultancy firm to develop press relations. You can arrange youth camps for children or a trekking tour for youth or executives. An interesting area in Event Management is organizing parties and disco nights. Surely, event management as a career option is gaining momentum as the present-day demand for socialization is increasing day by day. Join this course to become a Event Manager

Jewelley Making

Explore your interests or Start a Business!! Jewellery making is also enjoyable, you can make money from it, and the start-up costs are very low. It can even turn into a full-time career, and this course will aid your journey and answer all your questions along the way. It may sound a little daunting but this Jewellery Making Course covers everything in easy-to absorb-modules, separated into smaller, even more manageable sections that will quickly take you from novice to designer to business owner, all in your own time and at your own pace. What’s especially alluring about designing and selling your own jewellery, is that not only is it a creative use of your spare time but you can set up at home and design pieces in your spare time around a full-time job or other responsibilities. Join this course and bring out the hidden gem in you!

Laptop and Desktop Repairing

This is a fully comprehensive instructional course in getting into the business of repairing all makes of laptops. It is an intensive coverage into the intricate details of chip-level service of the laptops. You will also discover how to repair a motherboard and develop a critical thinking attitude that will help you in solving problems related to the machine. In the present times, the use of computers is vast, this course will help you in tapping the repair market and become an entrepreneur. Join this course to gain this skill and become versed with repairing computers.

Foreign Language

French is the second most widely learnt foreign language in the world. Spoken in France – consistently ranked the most popular overseas destination for people in Britain – and in many other countries including Canada, Switzerland, Africa and the Seychelles, it is easy to see why knowledge of French is such an asset. Whether you want to take French language courses to travel or to immerse yourself in its rich culture of fine food and wine, haute couture and great authors, our 10- week evening French language courses will equip you with the language you need to get by, have a conversation or become proficient.

German is a language of global importance and the mother tongue of one of the world’s richest economies, Germany. Whether you need to take German classes for business or are visiting any of Europe’s German-speaking countries on holiday, a German evening course will give you the skills and confidence you need.

Get to really know and understand the fascinating cultures that make up modern Japan – and trace their historic roots – by learning to speak Japanese. Whether you are studying for business or pleasure, our fun and practical Japanese lessons will turn you into a confident Japanese speaker. Japan remains an economic powerhouse and learning to speak Japanese gives you a distinct career advantage – but this is far from the only reason to learn to speak it. The many fascinating faces of Japan can be better appreciated by those speaking the language – from imperial history, tea ceremonies, geishas and samurai right up to its modern neon cities, anime comics, electronics know- how and contemporary fashion.

Join this course to learn any of the three languages.

In all we have many courses and so far we have trained more than 700 students. And we are also planning to conduct other courses to attract more number of students. Interested Students can contact to Prof.M.L.Kapare on 9860495494, 2324831.