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Master of Business Administration (MBA)
The hub of the MBA program lies in creating performing, productive, ethical & value based individuals who would have an active role in the world of business.The MBA program prepares a student for a career in diverse sectors as an employer or employee. The core Management subjects along with the functional specializations, serves as the spoke of this wheel of management education.The Saviribai Phule Pune University is proactive in designing a syllabus & updating it, as per the recent trend & Industry needs.The program facilitates learning in theory and practice of different functional areas of management. In this borderless world of business, we create boundless learning opportunities through activity based learning & using the latest pedagogy. Many hold our hands in this process – students, parents, faculty, industry, society , our local businesses, as well as our other stakeholders. In all the years since our inception we have found a very supportive, encouraging & inclusive environment. Humbly we witness that our achievements are a reflection of this dynamism.
MBA – HOD Message
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IMS values professionalism among all its stakeholders. The MBA programme reflects the same. Our departmental goals are aligned for walking through the Institute’s Vision & Mission statements. From the time a student joins us, we gear them up for the challenges of the Corporate world. This is done keeping in mind the diversity of the student – background, comfort of language, learning style etc. Innovative teaching methodology keeps the classroom(online & offline) engaging. To keep the student updated to the business environment, we hold hands with the industry, work on their soft skills & motivate them to get knowledgeable with leading learning. We are concerned for not only the two years of our formal association but work towards making them a lifelong learner. We are preparing committed corporate citizens.
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Updated Learning Services
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The Major specializations offered at IMS
  • Marketing Management (MKT).
  • Financial Management (FIN).
  • Human Resources Management (HRM).
  • Operations & Supply Chain Management (OSCM).
  • Business Analytics (BA).
Minor Specializations
  • Rural & Agribusiness Management (RABM).
  • Pharma & Healthcare Management (PHM).
  • Tourism & Hospitality Management (THM).
  • International Business Management (IB)
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Course Duration
2 year, 4 Semester Full-time Program from Savitribai Phule Pune University
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As decided by the Admission Regulating Authority of Government of Maharashtra.
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(Supernumerary seats)
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As per DTE procedure
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